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Connected Vehicles.Connecting vehicles with
Kapsch TrafficCom.

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Kapsch TrafficCom

Connected Vehicles.Connecting vehicles with
Kapsch TrafficCom.

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V2X Roadside ITS Station RIS-9160

The latest generation of roadside ITS stations (R-ITS-S).

  • Cutting edge 5.9 technology
  • 100% Kapsch
  • Easy maintenance with single cable PoE connection
  • Dedicated hardware security module
  • Sophisticated API – Open platform to run customized applications
  • Modular hardware design – optional WiFi/BT
  • Futureproof technology
  • Proven interoperability with European Corridor C-ITS standards
  • Highly resilient enclosure
  • NEMA & IP67 standards compliant
  • Integration with Kapsch ATMS Traffic Management Solutions
RIS-9160 V2X Roadside ITS Station Download data sheet
RIS-9260 C-V2X Roadside ITS Station Download data sheet

Onboard unit KVE-3320 V2X ECU

A state-of-the-art V2X electronic control unit (ECU) for integration of V2X communication into vehicles targeting OEMs.

  • Flexibility to support different in-vehicle architectures
  • Includes V2X dual communication stack configurable to ETSI ITS G5 and IEEE WAVE® protocol and related standards suite
  • Prepared for active safety and traffic efficiency applications in addition to standard Day 1 functionality
  • Fully featured in-vehicle ITS station including positioning, security and interface to the vehicle data bus for data exchange
  • Positioning: up to 10sec prediction of upcoming traffic events
  • Suitable for all basic V2X applications complemented by software packages and middleware for customization
  • Security: secure storage compliant for security evaluation, guarantees information integrity applying protection against fraud
Download data sheet

V2X Evaluation Kit EVK-3300

A comprehensive in-vehicle V2X platform (V-ITS-S) for evaluation,
development and demonstration of innovative connected vehicle solutions.

  • Multiple host interfaces, a modular software architecture and a modular hardware design to fit rapid prototyping needs
  • State of the art communication stack configurable to both ETSI ITS G5 and IEEE WAVE® protocols
  • Ability to assess several product realizations for V2V and V2I solutions
  • Suitable platform for proof-of-concept and feasibility studies
  • Consists of a mainboard and additional add-on modules: IEEE 802.11, LTE & BT radios, multi-constellation GNSS receiver, etc.
  • Web-based graphical user interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Software Development Kit: for customers who are interested in V2X application development
Download data sheet

Connected Vehicles Software

  • Combining the ability to supply customers with tailored V2X hardware and software solutions
  • Long experience in delivering end-to-end solutions: V2X software development since 2008
  • Modular and efficient software environment ideal for building innovative V2X systems
  • Developed to support the needs of safety, traffic efficiency and information applications
  • Features a channel for non-standard payloads which can be used for customized applications
  • Modular software suite with clear interfaces between the different domains
  • Communication stack supports ETSI ITS G5, IEEE WAVE® communication protocols and relevant security standards
  • Platform interface is a range of DSRC radios, GNSS, host interfaces and security solutions; future: also cellular radios for hybrid communication will be supported
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End-to-end solutions

An advanced traffic management system (ATMS) is the central unit within a traffic management center (TMC) to monitor and control traffic on highways, bridges, in tunnels and cities. Traffic sensors, variable message signs, traffic lights and similar are managed with the aim to increase efficiency, improve safety and reduce environmental impact.
The highly customizable product is perfectly adaptable to the individual needs of customers. Kapsch’s ATMS solutions are fully V2X enabled and can therefore receive, process and send information to and from connected V2X roadside units.