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Connected Vehicles.Connecting vehicles with
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Kapsch TrafficCom

Connected Vehicles.Connecting vehicles with
Kapsch TrafficCom.

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Success stories

European Corridor Project: Austrian Testbed (Austria)

European Cooperative ITS Corridor Project (ECo-AT) to create harmonized C-ITS landscape across 3 countries.

  • Customer: Austrian Road Authority (ASFINAG)
  • Project duration: 2013-2017
  • 9 project partners
  • Living Lab 2017-ongoing
  • Tested secure communication & standardized interfaces
  • Lighthouse project for future deployments
  • Setup of a Living Lab & test environment for C-ITS communication and Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology

Queensland TMR (Australia)

Cooperative ITS pilot project for the specification, testing and roll-out of a C-ITS system in Queensland.

  • Customer: Queensland Authority for Transport and Main Roads (TMR)
  • Project duration: 2017-2018
  • Supplier of C-ITS RSUs in a consortium led by TMR
  • Delivered high-level design for RSU deployment
  • Definition and testing of nine Day 1 safety use cases
  • Testing of C-ITS system

Nordic Way I & II (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland)

Fully automated roadwork warning trailer with hybrid communication.

  • Customer: Trafikverket (Swedish Road Authority)
  • Project duration: 2015-2019
  • Joint project of road authorities of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
  • Improved road network performance
  • Interoperability testing of C-ITS services for passenger and freight traffic
  • Cross-border functionality

Denver Panasonic CityNow (Colorado, USA)

Smart & connected roadway that provides vehicles and authorities with the necessary information and increases safety through V2X and C-V2X technology.

  • Customer: Panasonic North America
  • Collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies
  • 90 miles highway equiped with C-V2X RSUs (RIS-9260) from Denver to Vail
  • C-V2X (cellular V2X) technology RSUs provided by Kapsch TrafficCom
  • First ever deployment worldwide of C-V2X technology at this level

Colorado DoT C-470 (Denver, Colorado, USA)

Full coverage site testing for C-ITS deployment and supply of roadside equipment.

  • Customer: Colorado DoT / AECOM
  • Project duration:
  • Deployment of RIS-9160 on 22 miles of 4 lane highway
  • Full V2X infrastructure testing performed to validate roll-out plans
  • Part of CDOT RoadX program for future mobility
  • Infrastructure for Smart City Denver

A2M2 Connected Corridor (Kent, UK)

V2X Infrastructure for first connected corridor of the United Kingdom.

  • Customer: Highways England, Department for Transport, Transport for London, Kent County Council
  • Project partner: Costain
  • Co-financed by the European Commission as part of the InterCor (C-Roads) project
  • ITS UK Project of the Year 2019
  • The A2M2 project establishes the first connected corridor in the United Kingdom
  • Successfully delivered C-ITS infrastructure for InterCor Hybrid Testfest
  • RSUs using state-of-the-art V2X hybrid communication via ITS G5 and LTE

C-Roads Spain

Pilot projects for C-ITS applications in three locations in Spain

  • Testing C-ITS applications for a larger roll-out and to enhance the traffic management system with V2X applications
  • Three pilot sites: Andalusia (Ferrovial), Catalonia (Abertis) and Madrid (Calle 30)
  • Kapsch provides V2X infrastructure and in-vehicle equipment, a central ITS station (C-ITS-S) and consulting, design and system integration services
  • Realized use cases in the project: road works warning (RWW), probe-vehicle data (PVD) and hazardous location warning

Digibus Austria – Research Project

Research Project for evaluating positioning correction data for automated vehicles via C-ITS technology

  • Challenge: Automated and autonomous vehicles are not fully able to rely on existing in-vehicle sensors for correct positioning
    • Automated and autonomous vehicles need to communicate with infrastructure to exchange information about position
    • Multi-GNSS Real Time Kinematics (RTK) is a promising positioning technology for automated vehicles
  • Kapsch has provided newly standardized format of ITS G5 technology to improve
    • positioning
    • and accuracy of communication

Factory1 Accelerator PoC with Derq

Proof of concept for an AI based intersection safety solution with the Dubai & US based startup Derq.

  • Integration of the Kapsch V2X Roadside Unit with Derq’s AI platform
  • By combining Derq’s collision avoidance technology with Kapsch’s V2X communication solutions collisions on intersections can be predicted and avoided, saving lives of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.


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